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Setting the standard, arriving and departing discreetly and securely every minute of each day at almost all of the world's airports...


Air Fleet Management Limited

A dedicated, uncompromising team of private aviation specialists - committed to excellence, nothing less, and with the skills to be effective in today’s environment to the highest possible standards of customer service, safety, security & quality management.

Aircraft Technical & Operations Advisory Services

Air Fleet Management Limited

Unparalleled expertise in the search, selection & acquisition of your next business jet, guiding the entire purchase process through manufacturer or seller negotiation, completion specification, avionics selection, ensuring clients the advantage of a skilled, unbiased adviser on buyer's side throughout.

Aircraft Acquisitions

Air Fleet Management Limited

Discreet, secure and efficient support to your in-house flight department, meeting the precise needs of discerning international
clients, expertly handling
everything relating to the safe,
professional, regulatory-compliant operation of your personal or corporate aircraft.

Operations Support
& Management

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